Still DIY-ing Your Family Photos? /// Insights from a Seattle Area Family Photographer

Every year I photograph our children, and my husband designs New Years cards for us. It’s something I look forward to because it is truly a whole family affair. I can’t say that it is relaxing though. Photographing my children in a planned 40 min to an hour session is much harder than my most difficult family sessions. I think about this every year- how my experience taking photos of them is a great testament to why you should hire a professional family photographer. Well, aside from the most obvious issue with skill, of course.

My kids know all my tricks and are not impressed by the ways I try to bring their attention to certain places in order to keep them all around the same area. My clients’ children (unless they are newborn) are never that ambivalent about the stranger with the clicking camera. Photographing children alongside parents is also helpful because it helps the kids (and the adults) relax and focus on their mutual interaction instead of me. Parents in family sessions serve as anchors, helping divert kids’ attention or making them walk in a certain direction.

Despite this lack of credibility I seem to have with my own kids, with A LOT of effort the images taken at Golden Gardens this year turned out pretty well. And I love that they remind me of the struggle to keep my 17 month old from running after dogs (he is crazy about them!) or his siblings, and to keep my 3 year old from posing for me. They capture the chaos and the sillies pretty well. So I thought I’d share a few. Of course, we let the baby finally get that dog (see last image).